San Francisco Sewer Restoration

Why dig? Trenchless sewer line replacement bypasses the backhoe. We are here to save you $$$$

Not only can sewer pipe replacement take a chunk out of your wallet – from a few thousand to $20,000 or more – traditional methods can be disruptive, displacing landscaping and even forcing unlucky homeowners to dig up garages and driveways when their lines run beneath them.

But for those looking to bypass the backhoe, there are new methods of “no dig” sewer replacement that can save homeowners holes and heartburn.

Discount Plumbing offers two types of trenchless sewer line replacement that are becoming more popular among homeowners – “pipe lining” and “pipe bursting.” To install a pipe liner, which is also known as “cured in place pipe,” a flexible tube coated with resin is blown or pulled into the damaged pipe and inflated. After several hours the resin hardens, creating a “pipe within a pipe.”

Lining will reduce your lateral’s diameter by about a quarter inch, which experts say won’t affect your capacity to remove waste from your home. Lining typically involves digging one access hole.

The pipe bursting method involves pulling a new pipe through a damaged one, simultaneously fracturing it outward. This method typically requires access holes to be dug on either side of the lateral. Pipe lining may not be possible when the lateral has joints or has collapsed, but bursting can still be done on a collapsed lateral if there’s room to drag a cable through the old pipe.

Going trenchless can save you money, including the majority of situations where homeowners are

responsible for the condition of the sewer line to its connection with the sewer main.

Avoiding sewer clogs.

Because sewer repairs often fall under the individual homeowner’s responsibility, preventive maintenance could end up saving thousands of dollars in potential damages. These five tips can help homeowners keep sewer pipes flowing freely:

  • Inspect in advance: If you’re thinking of purchasing a home, add a sewer pipe inspection to your checklist of considerations before buying.
  • Consider a video viewing: Have a professional examine your pipe with a camera to determine its condition. Then you can budget for repairs or replacement that may be needed down the line.
  • Rout it out: If roots are already finding their way into your sewer lateral, you might buy some time before the next backup by having them cleared.
  • Consider coverage: The majority of homeowners’ insurance policies won’t pay for sewer pipe replacement; however, you might find one that does if you shop around.
  • Do your research: Before an emergency arises, talk to your plumber about whether a trenchless or traditional method of sewer pipe replacement might be right for your home. Keep this potential repair in mind when spending on landscaping or hardscaping that might be affected.

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